Core Values- Overview

The Core Values of Compass- finances God’s Way are based on the truths contained in the Bible. These are the fundamental guiding principles for Compass that must never be compromised. They must permeate and be applied in every part of the ministry including the Compass materials, the way we relate to one another, and in the way we accomplish our mission. Some of these values are distinctive to Compass while others are common to many ministries. 

Everything we do should reflect and affirm our Core Values. They should be so clear and widely disseminated that they will attract those called to serve with us. The purposes for documenting our Core Values are to:

(1) clarify God’s mission for Compass—finances God’s way

(2) maintain focus on the manner in which God wants us to fulfill our mission

(3) ensure that we are faithful to practice what we teach

(4) promote unity in the Compass family and help new members understand our culture

(5) effectively pass along these values to future generations.

The following are the five Core Values of Compass- finances God's way:

Throughout the rest of this workbook, you will have the opportunity to dig deeper by reading and discussing each Core Value. Let's get started by going to the next chapter and looking at the first Core Value- Christ Centered.

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